About us:

oda is a logistics and e-commerce company, launched its first funding round (Pre-Seed) without announcing its value to a group of angel investors. We achieve accomplishments by strengthening our economic sectors independently.

Aljawlah's aim is to serve oda in providing its services to the local market for brands and businesses. The platform also adds that it plans to utilize the funds to improve its e-commerce and logistics services to a competitive level. To be symmetrical with the most modern technical and operational solutions for managing electronic store projects involving storage, processing, and same-day delivery. oda contributes to the Kingdom's Vision 2030 aims by making a quantum leap in the realm of e-commerce by increasing the level of services supplied to businesses, brand owners, and customers alike. e.

oda’s CEO Word:

“Based on our expertise offering delivery services for a variety of brands, we have observed a lack of integrated technology solutions that provide the necessary technological connectivity for brands in controlling and arranging sales and delivery operations.
Even though various technology organizations provide online store services, most of them focus primarily on technical empowerment and do not provide operational solutions in the logistics industry”, said Younis Al Jameel, the founder and CEO of the oda.

Our Story

oda is a Saudi brand headquartered in Riyadh. It integrates affiliate marketing, operational administration, and shipping services into a single user-friendly solution. oda's ambition is to broaden the retailer and client experience globally, transitioning from e-commerce to express commerce

Our Mission

To establish the most effective and secure platform for delivering your product/brand to consumers across the globe.

Our Vision

We aim to be the chosen strategic partner for eCommerce operational excellence in our core business domain. To achieve accomplishments by strengthening our economic sectors independently.